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What is EME's Other Income/Expenses, Net?

  EMCOR Group Inc ( EME ) |
2018 - 2021 (4 years)

Other Income/Expenses, Net is 
$2.3M (1Y -7.01% )

EME Stock Price & Other Income/Expenses, Net

Other Income/Expenses, Net for EME competitors.
Note: Stonk = Stock. Both words are used interchangeably. 🙂

Historical (All-Time) Stats for Other Income/Expenses, Net

chevron_right 2021 $769.0K -0.4x
( -12.8% / year avg)
chevron_left 2018 $1.3M
vertical_align_top Peak $2.6M +2.35x
vertical_align_bottom Bottom $769.0K
arrow_drop_up # Up Years 3 3 of 4
years up.
arrow_drop_down # Down Years 1
Up Years = Positive (0%+) YoY change
Down Years = Zero or Negative (0% or less) YoY change

Key Points (Stonk Price Comparison)

  • EME's stock price has rallied +6,010% from $1.14 in 2018 , or -147.8x faster than it's other income/expenses, net over the same period.
  • If EME shrinks it's stock at the same rate as it's other income/expenses, net (-12.8%/year) , it's stock price will shrink +25.4% and hit $17.7 over the next 10 years.
  • EME's stock price has gone up 1 of the 3 years (+33%) it's other income/expenses, net were also up.
  • EME Historical Other Income/Expenses, Net Table
    in $ million
    Year Other Income/Expenses, Net YoY % Change Stock Price YoY % Change (Stock Price)
    4/1/2021 $0 -70.2% $69.63 -7.2%
    4/1/2020 $2 38.5% $75.01 -13.8%
    4/1/2019 $1 39.7% $87.05 9.6%
    4/1/2018 $1 - $79.39 -

  • About
    Industry: Engineering & Construction
    Sector: Industrials
    Country: US
    IPO Date: 11/16/2000
    Stonk Exchange: NYSE
    • EMCOR Group, Inc
    • engages in the provision of electrical and mechanical construction and facilities services.
    • The company is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut and currently employs 33,000 full-time employees.
    • The firm provides building services and industrial services.
    • Its segments are United States electrical construction and facilities services; United States mechanical construction and facilities services; United States building services; United States industrial services, and United Kingdom building services.
    • As of December 31, 2016, its services were provided to a range of commercial, industrial, utility and institutional customers through approximately 75 operating subsidiaries and joint venture entities.
    • The company is providing construction services relating to electrical and mechanical systems in various types of non-residential and certain residential facilities, and in providing services relating to the operation, maintenance and management of facilities, including refineries and petrochemical plants.
    • The company operates various electrical and mechanical systems.

  • Other income/expenses (net) is the net income/expenses not specified in the financial statement.

    For more detailed definitions, please see Investopedia.