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What is GOOGL's Other Financing Activities?

  Alphabet Inc ( GOOGL ) |
2015 - 2021 (7 years)

Other Financing Activities is 
$764.1M (1Y -180.7% )

GOOGL Stock Price & Other Financing Activities

Other Financing Activities for GOOGL competitors.
Note: Stonk = Stock. Both words are used interchangeably. 🙂

Historical (All-Time) Stats for Other Financing Activities

chevron_right 2021 $338.0M -1.0x
( -46.6% / year avg)
chevron_left 2015 $27.1B
vertical_align_top Peak $27.1B +3.55x *
vertical_align_bottom Bottom -$10.6B
arrow_drop_up # Up Years 3 3 of 7
years up.
arrow_drop_down # Down Years 4
Up Years = Positive (0%+) YoY change
Down Years = Zero or Negative (0% or less) YoY change

Key Points (Stonk Price Comparison)

  • GOOGL's stock price has rallied +2,844% from $51.24 in 2015 , or -27.4x faster than it's other financing activities over the same period.
  • If GOOGL shrinks it's stock at the same rate as it's other financing activities (-46.6%/year) , it's stock price will shrink +0.19% and hit $2.84 over the next 10 years.
  • GOOGL's stock price has gone up 1 of the 3 years (+33%) it's other financing activities were also up.
* A modified method (see: here) is used to calculate changes that involve negative numbers.
  • GOOGL Historical Other Financing Activities Table
    in $ million
    * A modified method (see: here) is used to calculate changes that involve negative numbers.
    Year Other Financing Activities YoY % Change* Stock Price YoY % Change (Stock Price)
    4/1/2021 $338 2.9% $1,508.83 0.0%
    4/1/2020 $328 -110.5% $1,508.83 15.7%
    4/1/2019 $-3,138 -166.0% $1,304.09 17.5%
    4/1/2018 $4,753 1199.8% $1,109.65 7.1%
    4/1/2017 $365 -103.4% $1,036.17 33.5%
    4/1/2016 $-10,636 -139.2% $775.88 5.2%
    4/1/2015 $27,144 - $737.39 -

  • About
    Industry: Internet Content & Information
    Sector: Communication Services
    Country: US
    IPO Date: 8/19/2004
    Stonk Exchange: NASDAQ
    • Alphabet, Inc
    • is a holding company, which engages in the business of acquisition and operation of different companies.
    • The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and currently employs 114,096 full-time employees.
    • The firm's businesses include Google Inc.
    • (Google) and its Internet products, such as Access, Calico, CapitalG, GV, Nest, Verily, Waymo and X.
    • The firm's segments include Google and Other Bets.
    • The Google segment includes its Internet products, such as Search, Ads, Commerce, Maps, YouTube, Google Cloud, Android, Chrome and Google Play, as well as its hardware initiatives.
    • The Google segment is engaged in advertising, sales of digital content, applications and cloud offerings, and sales of hardware products.
    • The Other Bets segment is engaged in the sales of Internet and television services through Google Fiber, sales of Nest products and services, and licensing and research and development (R&D) services through Verily.
    • The company offers Google Assistant, which allows users to type or talk with Google; Google Maps, which helps users navigate to a store, and Google Photos, which helps users store and organize all of their photos.

  • Cash flow from financing activities (CFF) is a section of a company’s cash flow statement, which shows the net flows of cash that are used to fund the company. Financing activities include transactions involving debt, equity, and dividends.

    Other financing activities are financing activities that are not specified in the CFF section of the Cash Flow Statement.

    For more detailed definitions, please see Investopedia.