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What is RARE's Net Revenue (Sales)?

  Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc ( RARE ) |
2016 - 2021 (6 years)

Net Revenue (Sales) is 
$324.0M (1Y +70.0% )

RARE Stock Price & Net Revenue (Sales)

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Note: Stonk = Stock. Both words are used interchangeably. 🙂

Historical (All-Time) Stats for Net Revenue (Sales)

chevron_right 2021 $91.5M +714x
( +199% / year avg)
chevron_left 2016 $128.0K
vertical_align_top Peak $215.1M +1679x
vertical_align_bottom Bottom $128.0K
arrow_drop_up # Up Years 5 5 of 6
years up.
arrow_drop_down # Down Years 1
Up Years = Positive (0%+) YoY change
Down Years = Zero or Negative (0% or less) YoY change

Key Points (Stonk Price Comparison)

  • RARE's stock price has drop +92.3% from $42.25 in 2016 , or 0% the rate relative to it's net revenue (sales) over the same period.
  • If RARE grows it's stock at the same rate as it's net revenue (sales) (+199%/year) , it's stock price will grow +5,710,996% and hit $4639042.51 over the next 10 years.
  • RARE's stock price has gone up 2 of the 5 years (+40%) it's net revenue (sales) were also up.
  • RARE Historical Net Revenue (Sales) Table
    in $ million
    Year Net Revenue (Sales) YoY % Change Stock Price YoY % Change (Stock Price)
    4/1/2021 $91 -57.4% $81.23 -4.5%
    4/1/2020 $215 154.9% $85.06 56.2%
    4/1/2019 $84 124.1% $54.47 -35.7%
    4/1/2018 $37 12366.2% $84.73 48.5%
    4/1/2017 $0 135.9% $57.06 -13.4%
    4/1/2016 $0 - $65.92 -

  • About
    Industry: Biotechnology
    Sector: Healthcare
    Country: US
    IPO Date: 1/31/2014
    Stonk Exchange: NASDAQ
    • Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    • is a biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the identification, acquisition, development and commercialization of novel products for the treatment of serious rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases.
    • The company is headquartered in Novato, California and currently employs 610 full-time employees.
    • The firm is focused on the identification, acquisition, development, and commercialization of products for the treatment of genetic diseases.
    • Its clinical-stage pipeline consists of two product categories: biologics (including a monoclonal antibody and an enzyme replacement therapy), and small-molecule substrate replacement therapies.
    • Its product candidates under biologics category include KRN23 (UX023) and recombinant human beta-glucuronidase (rhGUS) (UX003).
    • Its product candidates under small-molecule category include UX007 and aceneuramic acid extended-release (Ace-ER) (UX001).
    • The company is also developing recombinant human protective protein cathepsin-A (rhPPCA).
    • KRN23 is a fully human monoclonal antibody.
    • rhGUS is an intravenous (IV) enzyme replacement therapy.
    • UX007 is a substrate replacement therapy.
    • The company is developing Ace-ER for the treatment of GNE myopathy.
    • rhPPCA is in preclinical development.

  • "The Top Line"

    The revenue (or sales) is the value of a company's sales of goods and services to its customers. Although a company's bottom line (its net income) gets most of the attention from investors, the top line is where the revenue or income process begins. Also, in the long run, profit margins on a company's existing products tend to eventually reach a maximum that is difficult to improve. Thus, companies typically can grow no faster than their revenues.

    For more detailed definitions, please see Investopedia.