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What is WM's Other Assets?

  Waste Management Inc ( WM ) |
2021 - 2021 (1 years)

Other Assets is 
$819.5M (1Y - )

WM Stock Price & Other Assets

Other Assets for WM competitors.
Note: Stonk = Stock. Both words are used interchangeably. 🙂

Historical (All-Time) Stats for Other Assets

chevron_right 2021 $1.6B 0%
( 0% / year avg)
chevron_left 2021 $1.6B
vertical_align_top Peak $1.6B 0%
vertical_align_bottom Bottom $1.6B
arrow_drop_up # Up Years 0 0 of 1
years up.
arrow_drop_down # Down Years 0
Up Years = Positive (0%+) YoY change
Down Years = Zero or Negative (0% or less) YoY change

Key Points (Stonk Price Comparison)

  • WM's stock price has rallied +4,321% from $2.65 in 2021 , or 0% the rate relative to it's other assets over the same period.
  • If WM grows it's stock at the same rate as it's other assets (0%/year) , it's stock price will grow +100.0% and hit $117.07 over the next 10 years.
  • WM's stock price has gone up 0 of the 0 years (0%) it's other assets were also up.
  • WM Historical Other Assets Table
    in $ million
    Year Other Assets YoY % Change Stock Price YoY % Change (Stock Price)
    4/1/2021 $1,639 - $117.07 -

  • About
    Industry: Waste Management
    Sector: Industrials
    Country: US
    IPO Date: 7/20/1993
    Stonk Exchange: NYSE
    • Waste Management, Inc
    • engages in the provision of waste management environmental services.
    • The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and currently employs 43,700 full-time employees.
    • The Company, through its subsidiaries, is a provider of waste management environmental services.
    • The firm's segments include Solid Waste and Other.
    • The firm's Solid Waste segment includes its solid waste business.
    • The Other segment includes its Strategic Business Solutions (WMSBS) organization; its landfill gas-to-energy operations and third-party subcontract and administration services managed by its Energy and Environmental Services and WM Renewable Energy organizations; its recycling brokerage services, and its service offerings and solutions, such as portable self-storage and long distance moving services, fluorescent lamp recycling and interests it holds in oil and gas producing properties.
    • As of December 31, 2016, the Company owned or operated 243 solid waste landfills and five secure hazardous waste landfills.
    • Its recycling brokerage services involve managing the marketing of recyclable materials for third parties.

  • An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation, or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit. Assets are reported on a company's balance sheet and are bought or created to increase a firm's value or benefit the firm's operations. An asset can be thought of as something that, in the future, can generate cash flow, reduce expenses, or improve sales, regardless of whether it's manufacturing equipment or a patent.

    Other assets are assets that are not specified in the financial statement.

    For more detailed definitions, please see Investopedia.